Woke up at 6 am to camp out in front of the Social Security office with my mom—I needed a replacement card so I can get paid for my work with the student paper! Actually, since I didn’t have it last year, they owe me several hundred dollars that I’ll get sooooon… cha-ching! (Jk. Straight to books/rent/food/tuition. I’m all about that frugal life now.) (No more Anthro sprees :/)

Then I came home and devoured some oats with banana, vanilla extract, and expresso vanilla bean almond butter. I haven’t had hot oatmeal in SO long, but it was “practice” for being at school, since oats & pb & banana = delish, easy, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, cheap.

And thennnn I’ve been working for the last four? five? six? idk? hours. So much writing. How will I do all this when I also have to study, socialize, and go to class. I do not know.

I love you all :****

Every time

I tell my mom I want to work on my compulsive exercise she’s like, “Yeah, but you don’t want to stop exercising! Exercising is so good for you!”

I can’t expect her to “get it,” but I always get frustrated that she doesn’t back me up. Like I know that refusing to work out less than 6 days a week isn’t normal. It’s unhealthy in a different way.

Sorry, just needed to get that out.

One of the awesome things in my life right now is that I’ve completely stopped counting calories and
A) I’m making so many more food decisions based on what I’m craving, not nutritional values
B) My mind feels much less cluttered
C) I’m filled with pride that I can do this, actually do this, and not stress

I did a good job today of letting my anger and annoyance dissolve in favor of understanding and kindness!!

are you looking for specific types of people? like virgins vs experienced vs new to sex vs have had unprotected sex vs have not vs use birth control pills vs etc or any college girls?

Nope, any and all college girls welcome! :)

Sexy time


I’m writing an article for Her Campus called, “What You Don’t Know About Safe Sex” and need some fab college women to interview! YOU CAN TOTALLY BE ANONYMOUS!

Is anyone interested? I’d be super grateful :**

I kind of want to send all my wrap pics to Trader Joe’s and see if I can get a coupon or something…
(These are two different wraps by the way haha)

They have reusable k cups! Save loads

I’m totally gonna do this!! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Dressing like I’m French so life will send croissants & Chanel my way. 🙋

Dressing like I’m French so life will send croissants & Chanel my way. 🙋

I didn’t shower after my run so I could have a chilly shower right before bed and I can’t waittttt for the yummy coldness